Popular Urban Fashion Trends

Urban fashion styles are changing all the time. It usually takes a celebrity entertainer or someone in the news to wear an original mixture of clothing and this will make other people want to wear it to. Every year there are new urban fashion styles that are introduced and talked about throughout the year. One of the most popular urban fashion trends in recent years has to do with military style clothing. Since the media has a heavy influence on the public, whatever they report will make people want to get involved with the news in some way. When the war in Afghanistan was being reported and video recorded constantly, American support for the troops increased heavily. It made many Americans want to adapt military attire into their own wardrobe in order to show their support for the troops. You may see people like this walking around with camouflage khakis or a camouflage vest jacket, even though they are not actually in the military. It also gives off a “tough guy” look, which is an important look to have on the inner city streets.

Urban fashion has also intermingled with technology. People everywhere have handheld devices, like iPhones, and it has become part of city culture. It has even gotten to the point where simply having headphones in your ears is a fashion statement. Urban youth love to keep headphones in their ears to show that they are listening to music or talking to someone. This goes for both men and women, but women do have their own urban fashion styles that are separate from men’s fashion styles. Urban men usually love to wear baggy jeans with a sports jerseys or sports coat. Women, on the other hand, love patterned colored clothes with little backpacks or purses included. They also love bold colored outfits, which are usually copied from their favorite female celebrities. The Kardashian sisters are the biggest influence on the urban female youth of today, which is funny since the Kardashian’s didn’t grow up on any inner city streets. But thanks to social media and the news, their fashion has become a powerful influence over inner city female youth. This is also why fashion trends are changing all the time. It only takes one new outfit on a celebrity and people will try to copy that exact look. That is why if you want to stay up to date on the latest trends then you should join an urban fashion blog. Sometimes others may hear about an updated trend before you do and a fashion blog will inform you about it. Then you will have a chance to be the first in your area to adapt this new trend into your wardrobe.

Beauty On A Budget

 When living in big cities, trying out the latest urban fashion doesn’t have to be so costly for you to try out. Remember that urban fashion isn’t about expensive designer clothing or authentic fine jewelry. It is simply about the blend of colors and the mixture of clothing that you wear to give off a certain expression. For example, baggy jeans and a long sports jersey might be one type of clothing style. The jeans are your easiest choice because they don’t have any logos or descriptive imagery that you need to show off on them. They are just plain colored jeans and you can pick them up anywhere that sells clothing. Try going to a discount store, like Wal-Mart or a Goodwill Thrift Store, and you will find plenty of jeans to buy.

            As for a sports jersey, this might be more challenging to find a good deal on. As poor as urban youth may be, they still take pride in their shirts and jerseys. This is what other people will notice when they look at them because their shirts are usually long and cover a lot of their pants. Some company brands, like Starter or Nike, sell expensive polyester jerseys that represent specific players on different sports teams. This might be a good investment if you only want one style, but if you are trying to build a wardrobe of urban fashion on a budget then you need to buy something else. In fact, try buying long plain colored shirts and then go to a printing press shop to have a specific image printed onto your shirts. There are so many inexpensive ways to get the right clothes for your wardrobe. You just have to get a little creative in your thinking.

            As for jewelry, you don’t have to buy authentic fine gold necklaces and rings to have urban fashion. There is something called “fashion jewelry,” which basically looks the same as fine jewelry but it is not authentic. If you are only trying to give off a certain look then it shouldn’t matter about the authenticity of the jewelry anyways. With fashion rings, you can get those for under $1 at a flea market or thrift store. The same goes for big necklaces that you wear around your neck. You may see rappers wearing authentic diamond necklaces, but there are so many imitation diamond necklaces out there that are made out of glass. They are guaranteed to give off the same expression as any celebrity would.

How To Combine Colors In Your Wardrobe

Let’s face it, we are not all fashion designers or good at knowing how to match up colors properly. This used to be something that women were only good at, but in this day and age men are starting to enhance their fashion sense by experimenting with color combinations in their wardrobe. What is so interesting about particular color combinations is that they give off a certain feeling or attitude to the people who see it. Men that dress in darker clothing that is mostly black are probably wanting to give off a “gangster” urban style look. This is the type of look that makes people not want to mess with them because they look dangerous. The clothing could consist of dark navy blue jeans and a black t-shirt with gold jewelry. It is very rare that inner city males will want to wear brighter colors because that makes them look less intimating on the streets. Bright bold colors are more suitable for females because these types of colors are a symbol of feminine attractiveness.  They make a girl look pretty and attractive, which is how most girls want to look. If a female starts combining dark colors in her wardrobe then she will give off a gothic look, which is not very feminine. Men, on the other hand, don’t give off that look with darker colors. They just look more masculine and tougher, which makes them look more attractive to women.

            There are some circumstances where you can combine dark and bright colors to give off a totally new look. Perhaps an urban celebrity that is well admired is wearing a mixture of these colors and you want to copy that. Then if people see you wearing those colors it will let them know that you admire the same celebrity that they admire. It is almost like a group association when strangers are wearing the same urban fashion color combinations. You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of any particular celebrity either. Perhaps somebody else is and they are sharing their urban fashion knowledge with you on a blog website. If you are signed up on that blog website you can learn about the latest trend from that person and instill it into your own wardrobe. If all else fails, get creative and experiment with different color combinations on your own. You don’t even have to copy anybody else. Try and make your own design, then display it on a blog. If it is good enough then you may see other people copying it and leaving positive comments about it.